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why Informations Types token

  • Decreases risk of theft since TOKENS will not attract hold-ups as cash will.
  • Less people would need to have access to cash and cash boxes.

  • The cost and benefits of a token system as compared to a cash or debit card system make tokens the best alternative in managing almost all vending operations.

  • Change selling price without changing any acceptors or equipment. This means that a TOKEN SYSTEM gives immediate flexibility for inflation, for marketing and promotion, and for changes in coinage alloys for currencies.
  • Saves time and labour for counting change for deposits.
  • LINE-UPS ARE GREATLY REDUCED since much less change needs to be handled.
  • By installing BILL CHANGERS or TOKEN DISPENSERS and filling them with tokens, you can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on salaries for attendants and increase customer satisfaction.
  • In most cases, the TOKEN SYSTEM is less expensive than a printed ticket system since tickets are good for only one use whereas TOKENS CAN BE USED OVER AND OVER.
  • For Bridges & FERRIES, tokens improve flow of traffic since attendants will need to make less change, thereby reducing waiting time.
  • For CAR WASHES, installing a Token SYSTEM can completely eliminate the need for an attendant. A token put into the acceptor can activate the system.

  • Your sale is made when you sell the TOKENS and not when the tokens are used as with conventional currency.
  • You can INCRESE YOUR SALES VOLUME by giving DISCOUNT PRICES. For example, you can sell one token for $0.30, four tokens for $1.00 and one roll of tokens for $X.00.
  • PROMOTE BUSINESS by offering free TOKENS or 'TRADE TOKENS' against goods, services or parking.
  • INCREASE SALES AND PROFITS since many of your customers will collect your TOKENS OR KEEP THEM AS SOUVENIRS. This is a proven fact.
  • Your token becomes a source of PERPETUAL ADVERTISING.
  • Merchants can give free parking TOKENS to customers to encourage shopping in the same area.

  • High precision, identification markings and customised token specifications will help secure your protection from counterfeits.
  • We are able to meet your specific needs from design to finished product.
  • Custom manufacturing available to your required size.